Applicant Sins–Sinners Beware

  • Making Excuses Instead of Offering Explanations.
  • For the details, read the Admit Officer’s Hate List. And then stay off it.

    Great article in BW by Kerry Miller: “The Admit Office’s Hate List”

  • Obvious Resume Padding.
  • If you really want to know what can sink your app, read this article. Study this article. Memorize this article. It covers many of the behaviors I have ranted about in this blog, on chats, in forums, and in articles, interviews, and ebooks. Here is the list of adcom pet peeves from the BW article:

  • Title-Shopping.
  • Playing Alpha-Dog.
  • Getting Too Personal.
  • Writing What You Think They Want To Hear.
    1. Our high school students are consumed with extracurricular activities

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