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University of Pennsylvania


“Penn requires applicants to submit their entire testing history,” the University of Pennsylvania makes clear on their website. “Penn will pay attention to the highest scores from any test when reviewing a candidate’s application, but having the complete testing profile provides deeper insight.

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Nearly all colleges require you to send at least one SAT score or ACT score as part of your application. But colleges differ on how they handle students with multiple sets of scores – for example, two sets of SAT scores.

You might be wondering why it matters if colleges see all of your SAT scores. Couldn’t it help your chances of admission if colleges see your complete testing record, including your highest section scores?

Winona Lake Dover NY Barry University Columbia

Some colleges require you to send your entire testing record, even if that means sending not-so-great scores. (However, if you took the SAT in middle school or earlier as part of a talent-search program, you do not have to send those scores.)

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Don’t take the SAT the first time “for practice,” to get used to the test. Colleges will see that “practice score.” (Not to mention it’s a waste of the money you spend to take the test.)

Salt Lake City Carnegie Mellon University Hobe Sound Bible College Tennessee Temple University PA Duquesne University Howard Payne University Barnard College University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Alderson-Broaddus College University of California, Irvine NY University of Pennsylvania Richard Stockton College of New Jersey OK DC Platteville New York

In addition to the SAT and ACT, some colleges require you to send SAT Subject Tests as well. Get a complete list of which colleges require SAT Subject Test scores.

Cromwell Danville University of California, Riverside

If you’re reading this and not sure which schools you’re applying to, we recommend taking a careful look at the schools that require you to send all scores. If any of the schools might be a top choice for you, adjust your test-taking policy accordingly.

Harvey Mudd College Wesleyan College

Colleges Requiring All SAT Scores Sent: Complete List MA WI Trinity Christian College University of Maryland Cayey University of California, Santa Barbara CA Grambling New York School of Interior Design Yale University

We recommend taking the PSAT during sophomore and junior year to get the experience of taking the SAT and receiving a score without compromising your actual SAT score. Also, make taking complete, strictly-timed practice tests a part of your study regimen, so when you sit down to take the SAT for real, it isn’t your first time.

TX Fort Valley TX Miramar Cameron University

“In the College Board’s Score Choice module, ensure that all scores are sent to UC. We require all scores and will use the highest scores from a single administration,” the University of California says on their application website.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock CA Central Methodist University Neumont University Temple University MD

“All Scores” vs. Score Choice

Miami Shores PR

Houston Pittsburgh Lakeland Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University University of Puerto Rico at Cayey Hamilton University of South Carolina Philadelphia University of Texas at Brownsville Curtis Institute of Music CT Holy Apostles College and Seminary Washington Louisiana State University Shreveport City College of New York Chattanooga GA FL Bourbonnais

Cornell University

Logan FL Washington UT Detroit

Not sure if you need to retake the SAT or ACT? Find out what a good, bad, or excellent SAT/ACT score is based on schools you are applying to. If your score falls short, consider a retake.

Cincinnati KS TX Oakland Soka University of America WV OK PA SC Ithaca Tufts University Macon OK

This is the complete list of colleges that require you to send all SAT scores, grouped by state. Look through this list carefully. If any of the schools here are your top choices, that means you need to be especially careful about SAT retakes.


Need resources for studying? Learn how to stop running out of time on SAT Critical Reading and SAT Math, and how to read SAT reading passages.

CA MS TX Delaware State University

You can’t hide your rotten SAT scores from these schools.

A few weeks ago, when I was contacting colleges to research our New SAT investigation, I asked dozens of admissions officers if members of the Class of 2018 could take the current SAT but still submit it for admission. That would mean taking the SAT early in sophomore year or younger.


Complete List of Colleges That Require All SAT Scores

Syracuse Syracuse University

Oakland City Brownsville Montgomery Kingsville Bemidji PR

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

Pittsburgh Midwestern State University

“Rice uses the highest scores from any sitting on the SAT in order to consider each applicant’s most positive test results,” Rice writes on their admissions website. “Recognizing that this policy could disadvantage those students who cannot afford repeated testing or expensive test prep coaching, we believe a comprehensive testing history provides us with the appropriate context required for making a fair judgment of what the test scores mean in a holistic admission process. Therefore, we require all applicants submitting the SAT to submit all scores to Rice.”

Aliso Viejo Indiana University of Pennsylvania KY

Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? We have the industry’s leading SAT prep program. Built by Harvard grads and SAT full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to you so you get the most effective prep possible.

Kings Point IL New Haven Grayson Stephenville MA University of Louisiana at Monroe

If you’re applying to schools that require all scores, you need to be very careful each time you take the SAT, because you will have to send any scores you get, even if they’re low.

CA Kansas Wesleyan University Grambling State University DE

CA Cookeville University of Puerto Rico at Ponce TN University of California, Merced Fayette Kentucky Christian University

“Applicants must self-report and submit all SAT scores and all ACT scores,” Stanford says. “Applicants may not use the College Board’s Score Choice feature or “hide” any scores with either testing agency.”


If you want more tips on studying effectively, read more about how long you should study for the SAT and how to develop a target score.


“Note that Cornell requires students to submit all scores from SAT tests taken and does not participate in the College Board’s Score Choice,” Cornell cautions on their admissions website. (Also of note for students interested in Cornell: their various undergraduate schools have slightly different testing requirements, which you can see here.)

Many of the admissions officers cautioned against taking the SAT that young. “We’re still going to see those scores,” an admissions officer from Cornell told me – implying that potentially lower scores could, in fact, hurt your application.

Howard University

TN MN WA Art Academy of Cincinnati Saint Louis University PA Grace University Palos Heights

By keeping this advice in mind, and only taking the SAT after studying carefully, you should be able to apply to “all scores” schools without worrying about lower scores weakening your application.

LA Charleston La Jolla Philadelphia Hattiesburg CA CT SC

Yale University

Tarleton State University University of California, Santa Cruz Averett University Saint Joseph Seminary College Weatherford

While I want to take colleges at their word that even if they require all scores, they only look at the highest ones – they wouldn’t require all scores to be sent unless they want to consider them all. Including the lower ones.

Scripps College MO NY Washington Claremont MI

Check out the best SAT and ACT study websites you should be using.


Notable Colleges That Require You to Send All SAT Scores

Before we get to the complete list of colleges that require all SAT scores, we’ll highlight some top schools you may be particularly interested in. We include quotes from their admissions websites so you have an idea of how serious they are about this policy.


MacMurray College TX DeLand
Stanford Jamestown Fairmont State University Southwestern Oklahoma State University NY
Saint Xavier University Hunter College
University of California, San Diego
LA PR Los Angeles
Point Loma Nazarene University OK Salina Santa Cruz
Flushing College Park
Grace College Santa Barbara
MI Philippi NY
Texas A&M University – Kingsville State Castleton State College

Whatever you do, don’t wing the SAT. Careful preparation is key!

So what happens if you want to apply to a college that requires all SAT scores? What could be the benefits and drawbacks of revealing your entire testing record?

Shreveport VA West Virginia University Institute of Technology Monmouth

If you have to retake the SAT, make sure to continue to study for both sections (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math), even if you’re only trying to bring up one section’s score. You don’t want the score from your other section to drop on a retake.

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FL Rogers State University The Citadel Queens College (City University of New York) HI IN LA

What Difference Could Sending All Scores Make?

University of Wisconsin – Platteville VT CT WV Blue Mountain LA KY University of California, Davis Texas A&M University Shippensburg Columbia International University William Carey University MS OH

We have a complete list of which schools require your complete SAT testing record. Read on for the list and exclusive advice for applying to these schools.

PA Hamden CA University of Kentucky Mayville State University NY St. Paul Texas Wesleyan University Utah State University

Omaha Lexington

Stanford University

DC New York SC WA Blue Mountain College Susquehanna University Sioux Center Hobe Sound Wagner College DeVry University – Miramar

University of California System

SAT Logistics, Sacred Heart University FL Thibodaux FL Indiana Wesleyan University Fort Valley State University

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This is the policy for all schools in the University of California system, including Berkeley and UCLA.

Philadelphia IA United States Merchant Marine Academy Lowell PA Dallas Ponce CA NY TX

Have friends who also need help with test prep? University of Washington Saint Benedict NE IL School Name FL NY

Dallas Christian College LA

Indeed, colleges consider the entire testing history when it’s given, generally paying most attention to your highest scores achieved. However, when colleges specifically require you to send all of your scores, that means they are considering the lower scores as well. They aren’t just looking for low scores and throwing your application out, but the higher all of your scores are, the better.

Rice University

Dordt College Monroe Stanford University Pullman Honolulu College Station Stetson University IN DC Merced Georgetown University New York CA PA NY Tennessee Technological University Colgate University Galloway Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania TX Fairfield Pomona College IL Marion Hope College ND

Are you putting together your college application list? One factor you may not have considered is which schools require you to send your entire SAT testing record. Especially if you have some less-than-stellar scores, you might avoid, or at least think carefully, before applying to these schools.

Mills College University of Massachusetts Lowell Cornell University Wichita Falls East Central University Fort Worth George Washington University

How Does This Affect Your Test-Taking Strategy?


Other colleges do not require you to send the full testing record (though they often recommend it anyway). At these schools, you can take advantage of SAT’s Score Choice Policy, which allows you to just send your best scores.

Ada Oak Hills Christian College Oakland City University NY LeTourneau University Claremont CA Rice University

Yale also includes SAT Subject Tests in its “all scores” policy: “If you take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and/or the ACT, you need to have all of the results reported to Yale.”

What’s Next?

Davis NJ Quinnipiac University Nicholls State University Indiana Southeastern University City CA Olivet Nazarene University Irvine San Diego Cornerstone University

In general, we only recommend taking (or re-taking) the SAT after you’ve studied and you’re certain you will get a higher score. But you will have to be extra-careful if you’re applying to an “all scores” school.


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